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ICs for Connecting

The following products are in the 'connections' family. These devices connect to different types of systems that use serial data transmission. To date, we offer these three groups:


These chips are used with TV type remote controls. They will decode the data stream for you so that you can use an inexpensive replacement remote to control your circuit.

ELM339 - Infrared Remote Control

Use an inexpensive television remote control to control up to three separate devices. Handy if you just want to start up your shop vacuum, or turn off the lamp next to the television. This IC can't drive power line level outputs directly, but with suitable relays or triacs it will provide all the control you are likely to need.

  ELM339P (8-pin PDIP): $8.50
  ELM339SM (8-pin SOIC): $8.50

ELM622 - Infrared Remote Interpreter

This circuit receives Sony® TV remote control codes from an IR module, and retransmits them as serial ASCII data to a microcontroller or PC. Great for use as an alternative input device for control applications, or as a hidden enabler/disabler for security systems.

Visit the Linux Toys web site to see a complete implementation - the "X Infrared Remote Control". Linux users will appreciate the software provided for converting the ELM622 codes to X-Window keycodes.

  ELM622P (8-pin PDIP): $9.00
  ELM622SM (8-pin SOIC): $9.00


The LIN (Local Interconnect Network) bus is an emerging standard for low speed communications and control in automobiles and major appliances. It's a single master/multiple slave system that uses only three wires for power and data flow. The potential cost savings possible from adopting such a system is proving to be a major incentive for manufacturers, and has led to its rapid acceptance.

For more information, refer to the LIN Consortium web site:


Please note that our chips do not currently support the 10.4kbps SAE J2602 standard.

ELM630 - LIN Monitor

This IC is a full-featured general purpose monitoring device for use on all LIN systems. It has recently been updated so that it is now compatible with the newer (rev 2.0) LIN specification, as well as older (rev 1.x) systems.

The ELM630 is a very useful general purpose LIN integrated circuit that is able to automatically adjust to all of the standard LIN speeds (from 1200bps to 19200bps). It is able to simultaneously retrieve LIN data, check both classic and enhanced checksums, format the data as ASCII characters and transmit it to an RS232 serial device (a PC or PDA). It will prove useful in many monitoring, troubleshooting, or educational applications.

  ELM630P (14-pin PDIP): $16.00
  ELM630SM (14-pin SOIC): $16.00

ELM633 - 19200bps miniLIN Monitor

For those that are only interested in the 19200bps LIN protocol, this device is for you. It is just as capable as the ELM630, but its smaller package size will be appealing to those that want to minimize the circuit size. It includes the special power-on to monitor mode, has the same very high speed (57600 baud) RS232 rate, and works with rev 2.0 as well as older rev 1.x systems, too.

  ELM633P (8-pin PDIP): $14.50
  ELM633SM (8-pin SOIC): $14.50

ELM633 - 9600bps miniLIN Monitor

This IC is identical to the ELM633 in all aspects, except that it is for use on 9600 baud LIN systems. It connects to your computer or PDA at the same high RS232 speed (57600 baud), offers the same power-on to monitor feature, and is also compatible with the newest rev 2.0 systems.

  ELM634P (8-pin PDIP): $14.50
  ELM634SM (8-pin SOIC): $14.50


These parts let you create a mini serial to parallel converter, or possibly reset a remote circuit using an RS232 signal. They can be used with USB to RS232 converters, or can be connected directly to microprocessors.

ELM621 - Serial Three Bit Port

Small control applications often only require a few port pins for outputs and feedback. This 8 pin circuit is perfect for these projects. It is controlled using a PC's serial port with standard 'AT' type commands, allows reconfiguration 'on the fly', and requires only a few external components for support.

  ELM621P (8-pin PDIP): $9.50
  ELM621SM (8-pin SOIC): $9.50

ELM626 - RS232 Break Detector

This circuit is designed for remotely resetting devices via an RS232 interface. It connects directly to the RS232 signal lines, requiring only a single resistor, and no external timing components. Complementary outputs and digital selection of break period help simplify circuit integration.

  ELM626P (8-pin PDIP): $8.00
  ELM626SM (8-pin SOIC): $8.00

ELM627 - RS232 Break Detector

This circuit is similar to the ELM626 but also provides a single 100ms output pulse when powered up. Ideal for many small systems.

  ELM627P (8-pin PDIP): $8.00
  ELM627SM (8-pin SOIC): $8.00