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Elm Electronics has created a number of integrated circuits (or 'chips'):

some Elm integrated circuits

We have ICs for:

OBD Cameras and
RS232 Rotary
Monitoring Switch
LIN Timers
Thermostats Infrared Stepper Motors Oscillators
Light Piezos NTSC Video LEDs

To learn more about our products, click one of the links above, or select 'integrated circuits' in the menu at the left.

Parts and Kits

We do not make or sell any supporting hardware, circuit boards, cables, or evaluation kits, but do offer some links to companies that do. You will find these links throughout this web site.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. The prices of all of our integrated circuits are listed under each product description, and are also available on the ordering / prices web page.

All of our Integrated Circuits are based on lead-free devices from Microchip Technology Inc. For more information on Microchip products, visit the Microchip web site:


Details on Microchip's RoHS compliant lead-free products, are available on their Pb-Free information pages.

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