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Elm is closing…

… but not until 2022. We’ve had a few questions concerning this, and we have to say that it is true.

We’ve been creating and selling our unique integrated circuits since 1998, and we know that many of our customers have come to rely on our products for their business. For this reason, it is a very difficult decision.

The recent battles with Covid-19 has reminded us of the many great things that life has to offer, however, and for this reason we have decided to close down our business so that we can have more time with family and friends, and maybe pursue some new hobbies too.

We will be closing at the end of June 2022, so you will have almost two years to adjust your production, and consider alternatives.

Many of our customers have become close friends that we have enjoyed working with, and we will certainly miss that. Thank you for the more than 20 years that we’ve had with you. We wish you well in your endeavours, and more importantly, good health.

All of us at Elm

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We have reopened as of May 25 !

Life is beginning to return to normal here in Canada, so we now feel that we can safely reopen the business. We still need to take a great many precautions, but that has become the norm and they are becoming routine. It is time to begin serving our customers again, and we are doing so as of Monday, May 25.

Although COVID-19 seems to be under control in many countries, it seems that there are still serious concerns around the world – and this directly affects our ability to fill orders.

For example, Canada Post (which handles most of our shipments) tell us that there are a large number of countries that will not accept mail from Canada. The information can be found here:

Canada Post – International Delivery Service Alerts

Destinations to which service is suspended (pdf)

As you can see, some countries such as New Zealand and India will accept certain types of mail, but not our small packet air mail shipments. We regret to say that any order made from a country that we are unable to ship to will cancelled, and the money will be refunded.

Thank you for your patience. We are not over this yet.

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ELM327 v2.3 Now Available

The newest ELM327 is now available. It’s a small change, but offers some big features that users have requested:

  • New AT FT command adds another layer of filtering
  • Added three CAN Flow Control modes for experimenters
  • Response Pending now works with CAN Extended Addressing
  • New AT IA, and C0/C1 commands
  • Better noise tolerance on RS232 Rx

As a Covid-19 special, we are offering this product at a reduced price. See the ELM327 v2.3 page for more details.