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Coming soon – the new ELM327 v2.1

The latest version of our ELM327 integrated circuit will be available for sale soon. It takes the ELM327 v2.0 and adds a few more features:

  • Now supports ISO15765 and ISO14230 ‘Response Pending’ (7F XX 78) replies
  • Has several speed improvements, especially while processing CAN messages
  • We’ve added new filters for more precise CAN protocol searches

These changes add to what is already a great chip.

Note that there are no pin changes with this update (so the chip can be used in existing designs), and that the pricing will remain unchanged. Expect to see this new IC in a few weeks time.

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ELM329 CAN Interpreter – v2.1 update

The latest version of our ELM329 is ready! We’ve made several changes to improve speed and reliability. The biggest visible change is the addition of ‘filters’ that prevent the sending of CAN messages if the baud rate is not correct.

The data sheet has been updated too, with a few new sections. Download a copy using this link:

pdf download
ELM329 v2.1
data sheet
(393K pdf)

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The new ELM325 J1708 Interpreter

This is another vehicle diagnostics interface chip – this time for heavy duty vehicles that use J1708 with J1587 (or J1922). Although these protocols are being phased out (with J1939 replacing them), there are still a very large number of vehicles that use them.

The ELM325 is very similar to our popular ELM327 – the interface is simple, and can be customized with AT commands, the protocol conversion is all taken care of for you, and the circuit only needs a few support components in order to make a complete interface.
For more information, see our OBD IC page, or download a data sheet:

pdf download
ELM325 v1.0
data sheet
(172K pdf)

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The Rotary Decoders are Here

There’s been a fair bit of interest in converting signals from quadrature encoders, so we’ve added 8 new ICs to the lineup. These provide several processing options, from simply debouncing, to conversion to two or three wire serial signals with 2x or 4x decoding. Sorry, no SPI at this time.

Here’s the new lineup. For more information, visit the ‘electronics bench‘ products section, or click on the individual chip:

ELM401 Rotary Encoder Debounce Circuit
ELM402 Rotary Decoder – 2 wire 2x Interface
ELM403 Rotary Decoder – 2 wire 4x Interface
ELM404 Rotary Decoder – 3 wire 2x Interface
ELM405 Rotary Decoder – 3 wire 4x Interface
ELM406 Rotary Decoder – 3 wire 2x Interface
ELM407 Rotary Decoder – 3 wire 4x Interface
ELM408 Rotary Decoder – 2 wire Interface