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Coming Soon – ELM329 v2.2

The ELM329 continues to be a strong seller in the CAN-only market, but we felt it was time that it was updated. The new chip sports the usual code improvements and bug fixes, and also adds several new features. To name only a few of the changes, the new ELM329:

  • now handles response pending (7F xx 78) replies
  • adds CAN frequency display to the AT CS command
  • allows the response timeout range to be expanded 5x (AT STM5)
  • provides a new AT CER command to define the extended address receiver
  • adds new W0/W1 commands for more control of periodic (wakeup) messages
  • adds an AT FB command to allow filler byte redefinition on the fly

Final testing of this IC is now underway, and the data sheet update has begun. We will be begin sales of the new ELM329 v2.2 in the next month or two.

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