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Elm is closing…

… but not until 2022. We’ve had a few questions concerning this, and we have to say that it is true.

We’ve been creating and selling our unique integrated circuits since 1998, and we know that many of our customers have come to rely on our products for their business. For this reason, it is a very difficult decision.

The recent battles with Covid-19 has reminded us of the many great things that life has to offer, however, and for this reason we have decided to close down our business so that we can have more time with family and friends, and maybe pursue some new hobbies too.

We will be closing at the end of June 2022, so you will have almost two years to adjust your production, and consider alternatives.

Many of our customers have become close friends that we have enjoyed working with, and we will certainly miss that. Thank you for the more than 20 years that we’ve had with you. We wish you well in your endeavours, and more importantly, good health.

All of us at Elm

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  1. The genuine ELM327 integrated circuits will no longer be available after June of 2022. Some companies which currently use them in their products may purchase extra ICs before that time for their use.

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