About Elm


Elm Electronics is a Canadian company that has been selling integrated circuits on the web since 1998. The introduction of the PIC12C508 by Microchip Technology really was our incentive to create a line of products that previously were not possible, and if they were would typically require several support chips and external components.

From simple ‘glue’ logic, we then progressed to protocol converters, our LANC and OBD ones being the most popular. In 2005, we introduced the ELM327 integrated circuit, which was able to automatically detect and converse with all of the standard OBDII protocols. It remains our most popular product to date.

All of our products are shipped from our location here in Canada. We currently only sell them through our web site, and do not have any distributors. This helps to keep our costs down, so we can in turn keep our prices low.

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