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It’s Here – a Low Voltage ELM329

The new ELM329L integrated circuit is now available. It offers all the capability of the latest ELM329 CAN interpreter (firmware version 2.1), and does so over a much wider voltage range (2.0V – 5.5V). It also has a bigger transmit buffer size (now 2048 bytes – the ELM329 has 512 bytes). We’re sure that the ELM329L will soon be just as popular as the ELM327L is.

The ELM329L remains a 28 pin chip, and is available in the 300 mil wide PDIP package (ELM329LP), in the 300 mil SOIC package (ELM329LSM), and in the narrower 5.3mm/208 mil SSOP package (ELM329LSS).

For more details, see the ELM329L page, or download a data sheet by clicking on the PDF link.

ELM329L v2.1
data sheet
(431K pdf)

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It’s Here – an improved ELM711

We’ve had some suggestions for upgrades to our ELM711 Christmas LEDs driver, and have updated the product to incorporate them, just in time for you to make some new decorations. The new ELM711 integrated circuit now remembers the pattern setting through power offs, can be set to either power on and run the LEDs, or not, and has 16 patterns for you to try.

The new IC is available now.

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We’ve Updated the Web Site!

So many people now use tablets to surf that we rewrote the web site to make it more tablet-friendly. The pages now adjust better to varying screen sizes, look crisper and cleaner for viewing on small screens, and load faster.

Of course if your screen is very small, we still recommend using our mobile web site – available through the icon link at the top right of every page (we do not force it on you, as some sites do).

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It’s Here – the ELM327L !

The ELM327L is a new version of the ELM327 integrated circuit that is able to work with supplies from 2.0V to 5.5V (the ELM327 requires 4.2V to 5.5V). It offers all the features of the ELM327, and comes in three different device packages.

For more details, see the ELM327L section of the OBD IC page, or download a data sheet by clicking on the PDF link:

pdf download
ELM327L v2.1
data sheet
(457K pdf)

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The Mobile Web Site is Up!

We’ve just introduced a mobile version of our web site, so that users can better explore while using their tablet or phone. The content remains the same – it’s just how we present it.

The new mobile site is at:

We realize that there are bound to be some initial problems with coding or content, and possibly some formatting issues with certain tablets or phones. If you have an issue or suggestion, please let us know:

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