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ELM327 v1.4b Discontinued

Firmware version 1.4b of the ELM327 was introduced in 2010, and continued to be a very strong seller until the ELM327 v2.0 was released in 2013. Several larger customers did not want to go through retesting of their designs with the new v2.0 chips however, as their v1.4b products were working well. To accommodate these customers, we continued to offer the v1.4b product, in addition to any new ones.

A further 5 years has now passed and sales of the v1.4b product are at a point where we have decided to discontinue sales of it. Once our stock levels are depleted, we will be removing it from our web store.

Many thanks to all that have purchased the ELM327 v1.4b over the years. The ELM327 v2.2 is a pin and software compatible replacement, should you need one.

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Christmas Shutdown

It’s that time of year again. We take a break from filling orders and answering emails, and spend some time with our families. We do hope that you are able to spend some time with yours.

If you wish to place an order, the system will gladly accept your money. We will not be back to begin filling the orders until January 8, however. As always, we will send you an email when your order does ship.

Best Wishes for 2018!

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New App Note – Sending your own CAN messages

We are often asked about how to send arbitrary CAN messages. Typically the user wants to send data bytes of their own choosing and does not want extra (PCI) bytes inserted or removed for them. This new application note (AN07 – Sending Arbitrary CAN Messages) shows how to send CAN messages of your own choosing, with our ELM327, ELM327L, ELM329 or ELM329L products (version 1.3 or newer).

All of our Application notes are available in the Help section, under Application Notes.

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It’s Here – the ELM325 v2.0

Well, it’s done – the ELM325 v2.0. This new IC offers several features that we hadn’t thought possible before, but we’ve done it:

Some of the changes are:

  • New byte-handling code searches for PIDs
  • Filters now use the checksum byte if it’s visible (AT C1)
  • New Activity Monitor measures the time since the last J1708 byte was received
  • AT L0/L1 code completely revised
  • Several other improvements for reliability and speed

New commands:

  • Convenience: AMC, SP0, RT 0/1
  • Data Formatting: M0/1
  • PID Searches: GP hh, GP 01hh, GO hh, GO 01hh
  • AT MP hh and AT MP 01hh have been revised

The ELM325 v2.0 is shipping now, and is the same price as the v1.0

…go to ELM325 page

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Coming Soon – the ELM325 v2.0

Several ELM325 users have requested new features for the current ELM325 J1708 Interpreter, and we’ve been listening. A new ELM325 will be ready this summer.

Some of the changes that you can expect are:

  • Revised data handling routines that can parse messages for a specified PID
  • Several new commands for PID searching, and data formatting
  • An activity monitor for quickly seeing if a J1708 bus is active
  • Several other improvements for reliability and speed

Stay tuned – we’ll announce when the chip and the new data sheet are ready.

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It’s Here – the ELM327L v2.2

We have updated the ELM327L integrated circuit to v2.2, matching the features of the recently updated ELM327. Here’s what we changed:

  • AT CS command now shows CAN frequency
  • Added 12500 and 15625 bps baud rate options for ISO 9141 and ISO 14230
  • New AT CER hh command allows defining the CEA Rx address
  • New IFR modes 4,5,6 control J1850 IFR sending while monitoring
  • Added PP 1F to allow KWP length to include the checksum byte
  • Default value of PP19 increased from 31 to 4F

There are no physical changes with the new ELM327L v2.2 – it remains pin compatible with the previous version. For more information, and to purchase the IC, go to the ELM327L web page.