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It’s Here – the ELM327 v2.2

As promised, we have updated the ELM327 integrated circuit. The latest firmware (v2.2) offers the following changes:

  • AT CS command now shows CAN frequency
  • Added 12500 and 15625 bps ISO/KWP baud rates
  • New AT CER hh command allows defining the CEA Rx address
  • New IFR modes 4,5,6 control J1850 IFR sending while monitoring
  • Added PP 1F to allow KWP length to include the checksum byte
  • Default value of PP19 increased from 31 to 4F

There are no physical changes with the new ELM327 v2.2 – it remains pin compatible with the previous version.

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Christmas Shutdown

It’s that time of year again. We take a break from filling orders and answering emails, and spend some time with our families. We do hope that you are able to spend some time with yours.

If you wish to place an order, the system will gladly accept your money. We will not be back to begin filling the orders until January 9, however. As always, we will send you an email when your order does ship.

Best Wishes for 2017 !

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A new ELM327 is coming!

A number of people have asked for some small additions to the ELM327 that we agree will enhance the circuit. We’ve been busy adding those changes.

Work is progressing well, and we hope to complete testing soon. When that’s done, and the data sheet has been updated, we will let you know.

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It’s Here – a Low Voltage ELM329

The new ELM329L integrated circuit is now available. It offers all the capability of the latest ELM329 CAN interpreter (firmware version 2.1), and does so over a much wider voltage range (2.0V – 5.5V). It also has a bigger transmit buffer size (now 2048 bytes – the ELM329 has 512 bytes). We’re sure that the ELM329L will soon be just as popular as the ELM327L is.

The ELM329L remains a 28 pin chip, and is available in the 300 mil wide PDIP package (ELM329LP), in the 300 mil SOIC package (ELM329LSM), and in the narrower 5.3mm/208 mil SSOP package (ELM329LSS).

For more details, see the ELM329L page, or download a data sheet by clicking on the PDF link.

ELM329L v2.1
data sheet
(431K pdf)

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It’s Here – an improved ELM711

We’ve had some suggestions for upgrades to our ELM711 Christmas LEDs driver, and have updated the product to incorporate them, just in time for you to make some new decorations. The new ELM711 integrated circuit now remembers the pattern setting through power offs, can be set to either power on and run the LEDs, or not, and has 16 patterns for you to try.

The new IC is available now.