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The ELM339 is a complete remote control decoder in an 8 pin package. With the addition of a standard infrared receiver module, three individual outputs can be simultaneously controlled using a television remote control transmitter.

This circuit responds to Sony® television control codes, chosen because most universal remotes default to them when initially powered up. The ELM339 continuously monitors the stream of data from an infrared receiver module looking for these Sony type remote control codes. If an appropriate three digit code is detected, the selected output either turns on, turns off, or switches its state.

One of the outputs can be configured to provide a 250msec pulse output, if desired. This could be useful for interfacing to devices that expect a momentary input, such as garage door controls, alarm test buttons, and some appliances.


  • Basic home automation systems
  • Remote smoke alarm test initiator
  • Garage door controller
  • Lamp controller


  • Low power CMOS design – typically 1mA at 5V
  • Three separate outputs
  • Pulse output for momentary controls
  • Signal received output for visual feedback
  • Easy interface to standard receiver modules
  • Works with universal TV remote transmitters
  • High current drive outputs – up to 25 mA

Connection Diagram

( PDIP or SOIC, top view )
ELM339 connection diagram

Block Diagram

ELM339 block diagram


The ELM339 data sheet (ver A, 27K):

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