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It’s Here – a Low Voltage ELM329

The new ELM329L integrated circuit is now available. It offers all the capability of the latest ELM329 CAN interpreter (firmware version 2.1), and does so over a much wider voltage range (2.0V – 5.5V). It also has a bigger transmit buffer size (now 2048 bytes – the ELM329 has 512 bytes). We’re sure that the ELM329L will soon be just as popular as the ELM327L is.

The ELM329L remains a 28 pin chip, and is available in the 300 mil wide PDIP package (ELM329LP), in the 300 mil SOIC package (ELM329LSM), and in the narrower 5.3mm/208 mil SSOP package (ELM329LSS).

For more details, see the ELM329L page, or download a data sheet by clicking on the PDF link.

ELM329L v2.1
data sheet
(431K pdf)

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