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It’s Here – the ELM325 v2.0

Well, it’s done – the ELM325 v2.0. This new IC offers several features that we hadn’t thought possible before, but we’ve done it:

Some of the changes are:

  • New byte-handling code searches for PIDs
  • Filters now use the checksum byte if it’s visible (AT C1)
  • New Activity Monitor measures the time since the last J1708 byte was received
  • AT L0/L1 code completely revised
  • Several other improvements for reliability and speed

New commands:

  • Convenience: AMC, SP0, RT 0/1
  • Data Formatting: M0/1
  • PID Searches: GP hh, GP 01hh, GO hh, GO 01hh
  • AT MP hh and AT MP 01hh have been revised

The ELM325 v2.0 is shipping now, and is the same price as the v1.0

…go to ELM325 page

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