Terms and Conditions

You will need to acknowledge these terms and conditions before the system will process your credit card information.

You, as the purchaser acknowledge that:

1. These integrated circuits can not be returned.
You understand that careless handling of these static-sensitive devices might damage them, so they can never be reused or resold if returned.

2. Defective integrated circuits will be replaced.
Elm integrated circuits have proven to be very reliable, but if one was found to be defective, it will be replaced.

3. This order can not be shipped to a different country.
Even if the ordering system were to allow you to enter different billing and shipping countries, Elm Electronics will not allow it. If the countries differ, Elm will cancel your order.

You can not return the integrated circuits, and you can not have them sent to a different country. We do occasionally upset customers with these conditions, and don’t want to upset you needlessly either.