The following products are in the ‘connections’ family. These devices connect to different types of systems that use serial data transmission. To date, we offer these three groups:


ELM339 – Infrared Remote Control
Use a ‘universal’ tv remote control to control up to three individual outputs.

ELM622 – Infrared Remote Interpreter
Converts Sony™ infrared remote codes to ASCII and sends them out on an RS232 connection.


ELM630 – LIN Monitor
Monitors a LIN bus signal, and sends found data as ASCII characters out on an RS232 connection. Various LIN baud rates can be selected, or determined by the circuit automatically. No support for 10.4 kbps (SAE J2602) LIN at this time.

ELM633 – 19200bps miniLIN Monitor
Similar to the ELM630, but only works with 19200bps LIN data.

ELM634 – 9600bps miniLIN Monitor
Similar to the ELM630, but only works with 9600bps LIN data.


ELM621 – Serial Three Bit Port
A tiny serial to three bit port IC. Use RS232 commands to set and read levels at three pins.

ELM626 – RS232 Break Detector
Provides an output when it detects an RS232 ‘break’ signal. Handy for remotely resetting circuits or providing basic control.

ELM627 – RS232 Break Detector
The same as the ELM626, but also outputs a pulse when first powered on.