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The MCP2561 is an interface product that is made by Microchip Technology Inc. It is used to connect digital circuits to CAN (ISO 11898) data busses, while meeting the physical requirements of the standard.

Note that Elm Electronics is not an authorized reseller of the MCP2561 (or MCP2551). We have a limited number of these devices available that we offer as a convenience to our customers only. You will obtain better prices if you purchase them, or an equivalent, through your local distributors.


  • CAN Interfaces


  • Low power CMOS design
  • Up to 1 Mbps operation
  • 4.5 to 5.5 volt operation
  • Suitable for 12V or 24V vehicle interfaces
  • Low current standby operation – 15 µA max

Connection Diagram

( PDIP or SOIC, top view )
mcp2561 connection diagram


The MCP2551 data sheet (and other support information) is available from the Microchip web site:

Quantity Pricing

The following are the unit prices, as you vary the quantity purchased:





All prices are in Canadian dollars. We use the total number purchased (MCP2561P + MCP2561SN) for the calculation.


Select the desired integrated circuit package type, then the quantity desired, before adding it to your shopping cart. Quantity discounts will be applied as appropriate.

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