Elm ICs

Elm Electronics makes a wide variety of integrated circuits. We group them by function into the following five categories:


Our popular On Board Diagnostics interpreter products.

the Home

Integrated circuits for home automation, video experimentation, control, and security.

the (electronics) Bench

These are what can be called ‘glue’ chips. We have circuits that do such things as drive piezo buzzers and LEDs, debounce mechanical switches, and provide timing signals.


These devices support connecting to various systems. Our most popular items are for interpreting infrared remote control signals, and Control L (or LANC) signals.

Fun Stuff

Are a few fun chips for light and sound.

Please note that all of our products are available in two package types – either a through hole mount ‘plastic dual in-line package’ (PDIP) or in a surface mount ‘small outline integrated circuit’ (SOIC) style. Only the ELM327L and ELM329L types offer a third style (a 5.3mm SSOP package). We can not provide our products in any other package types.