Elm Electronics creates integrated circuits (or ‘chips’) that look like these:

Our products simplify the design process, whether by providing a simple ‘glue’ chip (eg. for switch debouncing, or driving a piezo) to providing the heart for a security system, or an OBD scan tool. To learn more about our integrated circuits, select ‘Products > ICs‘ in the menu above, or jump right to your area of interest here:







Misc Info

Parts and Kits

We do not make or sell any supporting hardware, circuit boards, cables, or evaluation kits, but do offer some links to companies that do. You will find these links throughout the help pages of this site.

Integrated Circuit Case Styles

All of our products are offered in either a plastic dual inline package (PDIP) for through-hole applications, or in a small outline integrated circuit (SOIC) style for surface mounting. We shorten the designations on our part numbers for these to P and SM.
P and SM IC packages
Above is the ELM322 integrated circuit, shown in both package styles. When ordering, you would select the appropriate one by buying either the ELM322P, or the ELM322SM.


All of our Integrated Circuits are based on lead-free devices from Microchip Technology Inc. For more information on Microchip products, visit the Microchip web site:

Details on Microchip’s RoHS compliant lead-free products are available through their Environmental Health & Safety web page.


Certificate of Compliance

We are occasionally asked by our customers to provide a Certificate of Compliance (CoC). As our products are essentially programmed and specially labelled integrated circuits from Microchip Technology Inc., our CoC document refers to theirs. For the latest version of the Microchip Technology Certificate of Compliance, please visit the Environmental Health and Safety section of the Microchip web site at:


The Elm Electronics Certificate of Compliance includes a copy of the Microchip Technology CoC, as well as the Brady Technical Data Sheets for the labelling materials. Download a copy of our CoC (1MB) here: