Welcome to Elm Electronics!


We are open for business, but…
We may not be able to ship to you if there are Covid-19 restrictions. Please make sure that your country is able to receive mail from Canada before placing your order.

Elm Electronics has had a presence on the internet since 1998, providing unique integrated circuits to the electronics community. What began as an idea to provide ‘glue’ circuits for experimenters soon developed into providing more complicated devices such as our LANC and OBDII interfaces. Certainly the most popular of these has been our ELM327 OBD to RS232 Interpreter product.

Having to live with, and make adjustments for Covid-19 has reminded us of a great many things, however. Foremost is that life is very precious and our time here is very limited. For this reason, we have decided to wind down our business, and close it effective June 2022.

We fully realize the impact that this will have on many of our customers. This is why we are allowing a period of two years for you to adjust your production, and consider alternatives. You may wish to stock-pile enough of our devices for your future requirements, or possibly redesign your product to use another device.

It is with difficulty that we announce this. Many of you have become close friends that we have enjoyed working with, and we will miss that interaction. We wish you well in your endeavours, and more importantly, good health throughout.